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jessie and i went to the forest the other day. jess is twenty years of age and pregnant. so, before the ride, i was careful not to brush her tummy. it took her a while to pick up the pace but i didn't mind. it was a hot day and i reckon it was wise to take things slowly. we did a few jumps, nothing too exciting though... just a bit of a thrill over the odd ditch here and there. at some point, jessie halted stubbornly. clumsy me had pulled back hard on the reins. her body language clearly communicated the discomfort. the first test of a new relationship. my hands immediately relaxed. jessie breathed out and looked around for food. then [it felt like] she said:

just sit up, bro
tall and proud
and remember

you trust me
i trust you.

[it was all nice and smooth after she moved on. a couple of hours later, i took jess back to the stables. her boyfriend max was there, chewing lazily some grass hay. i brushed her coat, tenderly but not very lighlty so that i didn' t tickle her. then, i saw them off]


Alex A. said...

Υπέροχο, τρυφερό ποστ - την καληνύχτα μου!

αμβρόσιος said...

x x x

ki apo do.

3 parties a day said...

Σε διαβάζω... Να το ξέρεις...

αμβρόσιος said...