astoria- ditmars blvd 3:05 pm

ζήτω η ελλάδα και κάθε τι μοναχικό. 


west village, 6:36 pm

hudson river park 6:09 pm

η νέα υόρκη είναι η μητέρα των επιθυμιών. ο ποταμός hudson είναι, πια, ο πατέρας μου- με αγκαλιάζει.  



crazy in love

got me looking like crazy right now.


martin luther king memorial, 12:43 am

it was a bitterly cold night and carl kept showing me around the various memorials (abraham lincoln, ww one, ww two etc). save a few people at the lincoln memorial, there was hardly anyone around. we stood at the point were luther king gave his famous "i have a dream" speech. it did feel like touching, alas very lightly, on history. i was happy that night, i even jumped twice on his back. then, we drove back home.