crazy in love

got me looking like crazy right now.


martin luther king memorial, 12:43 am

it was a bitterly cold night and carl kept showing me around the various memorials (abraham lincoln, ww one, ww two etc). save a few people at the lincoln memorial, there was hardly anyone around. we stood at the point were luther king gave his famous "i have a dream" speech. it did feel like touching, alas very lightly, on history. i was happy that night, i even jumped twice on his back. then, we drove back home.

club omega, 1:14 am

national gallery of art, 11:10 am

roy lichtenstein retrospective

the capitol, 2:45 pm

ο απόλυτος φαλλός

the capitol; it looked very lonely on the day yet potent and, most importantly, well guarded.

eastern market, 1:10 pm

eastern market, 4:35 pm

eastern market, 12:10 pm


I have lost my origin

And I don't want to find it again

Whether sailing into nature's laws

And be held by ocean's paws

paris is burning


In America, The land of the free, they said, And of opportunity, In a just and a truthful way.

But where the president, is never black, female or gay, and until that day,

you've got nothing to say to me, to help me believe

'america is not the world'-morissey


hudson river park- pier 45, 3:15 pm

στην άκρη της προβλήτας 45 κατεβαίνεις με ελαφρυά καρδιά,
σκέφτεσαι τι σε κάνει όμορφο άνθρωπο και τι σε κάνει ένα θυμωμένο τομάρι.
ειρμοί για την ψύχα  σου που θα τις πάρει ο δυνατός hudson, τα χέρια ενός παιδιού απ' το new jersey.